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PDF and Media issues and 2.1 fail

May 19, 2012 at 8:25 PM

Hi! I really love your soft, it's very flawed, but hey, it's free and has a lot of great features.

There's a lot of problems I could point out, but I'll just start with the more annoying ones.

First, I speak french so if you have a hard time understanding me, I'm sorry ;)

• Let's start by telling you that with your new 2.1 version, no updates via web can be performed for no movies with none of the 3 french sites, I had no problem there with the version. That sucks :(

• When exporting to pdf, I really hate the fact that some images are resized so small that its impossible to see them, that happens when there's a page change.

• When I first added a media category I was just starting with the soft, later, I wanted to rename this first one I had created so I went to "tools -> database -> change media informations and tried to do it there, but nothing happens when I do so.. weird..

• When you are editing informations for a movie, in the "links" box, if you right click there's an option to add a link, but it does nothing, the box isn't editable either, which is kinda annoying if you want to add a link of your own.

• When your view is grouped by media, and you open one of the media category, go to a movie and edit it, each time you save it, the media category then closes and you have to open it back each time you want to edit the next movie .. very very annoying. (That just happens in version 2.1)

Well, I'm sorry if I look like your soft annoys me, that's definitely not the case, I just wanted to be useful and share some infos on multiple bugs with you, maybe you could check it out to tell me if those happens with you too or if it's just me. I really appreciate your work, I have absolutely no knowledge whatsoever in programming, so congrats ;)

Just a last question, why didn't you make an installer and why is it soooooo slow?

Thank you for your time reading this, have a nice day ;)

May 20, 2012 at 9:38 AM

Hello vip3re,

You can write to me in french to my e-mail if you prefer.

Regarding your problems :

  • Update via web with french sites, should works as i use it, could you please give me more information abut the issue ? (name of the movie, method to update etc..)
  • Regarding PDF, i try to fix it, but i was not able to fix it. I will add it to the todo list.
  • Regarding Media Name, agree, i will fix it asap.
  • I will add the functionality to add custom link.
  • Regarding auto close with grouping, will try to fix it, but i think it was already here since the beginning.

Don't worry i love having feedback :)

Regarding your last two questions :

  • For the installer i think this is not useful, why do you need it ?
  • In fact my collections is not so slow, but it take a lot of information for each movie, picture, artist (with picture and full credits) etc... What i can i do will be to no update pictures and credits for artist for example. I will think of it.

Have a nice Sunday.