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The easiest way to add several movies, music, books… with a minimum of click is to use the “Add Media” option from  the “Action” menu, or use this icon from the toolbar :


The following screen will appears :


1- Type : Select the type of items you want to add (Movie, Book, XXX etc.….)

2- Media:  Select the name f the media, it can be anything you want, just something that will help you to locate your physical files (ex: External Drive 1, Dvd 1, Movie Folder…).

3- Media Type : Select the type of the media you want to add (Hard-Drive, Blue Ray, Dvd …) it’s just for information, so don’t worry if you make  mistake on this one.

4- Path : The most important one, select the path where your files are located, you can use the browse button to find them.

5- Search Pattern : Select Folders in you want add folder’s name or files name.

6- Search Sub Folder : Indicate if the software will locate folder/files on the root directory only or also in the subfolder.

7- Use In folder Image : If the folder contains images, the biggest one will be used as cover.

8- Parse Nfo:  If an Nfo file is available in the folder, the software will used it to get information's.


So let say I want add 3 movies located on my hard drive :


The settings in the “Add Media” window will be :


Click the “Next” button to get the next screen of the wizard :


On this screen, you will see all the folder located in the root folder (in our sample : C:\myCollections Sample).

On the first list box, you can select or un-select the movies you want to add, by default all of the items are selected.

The “Parse Pattern” is a little tricky but very useful, from here you will be able to select what part of the folder name will be used as title. In our sample, movie name are delimited with “.”, but it works also with space. In case you have multiple delimiters, you can use “||”  to separate them, so the syntax can be “. || –“

So lets put “.” in the “Parse Pattern” and click “Ok” button :


The “Title” list box now show the different part of the folder name, so lets choose the good one as title (1-Iron,2-Man, 3-2) and click “Add”.



At the end of the process, you will get an confirmation message :


Click “Ok” to see the final results :


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